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PL Energy’s Services

PL Energy is a dedicated group of professionals with extensive knowledge and experience in the energy field. We provide a number of engineering and technical services.

Energy Efficiency Program Support

PL Energy’s staff has worked in the energy efficiency area for more than 20 years to provide energy efficiency services to California’s Investor-Owned Utilities (specifically PG&E, SCE, and SDG&E).

PL Energy Staff members have been supporting Customized Retrofit Incentive programs since the year 2000.

Their efforts have focused on working with program managers, account executives and utility customers in the development and verification of energy savings calculations that accurately estimate energy savings (actual and above minimum standards) and comply with State mandates and our client’s policies. This work has involved employing building simulation software such as eQUEST and TRACE, developing measurement and verification plans, taking electrical spot measurements, installing data loggers, and evaluating billing data.

Energy Efficiency Audits

PL Energy provides our clients with a complete audit of their site’s energy usage and equipment. We determine control strategies and equipment upgrades to their lighting, Heating/Air Conditioning (HVAC) and industrial systems to optimize their site’s energy use. An audit can provide significant improvement in your energy bills and carbon footprint. The types of sites audited we have completed include commercial buildings, hospitals, datacenters, college campuses, a food processing plant, manufacturing facilities and petroleum and biofuel plants.

Retrocommissioning Studies

PL Energy has audited energy savings calculations for a number of commercial facilities in our client’s Retrocommissioning program. The goal of this program is to fix problems with existing controls, enhance the control and operation of existing equipment, and make repairs/upgrades to existing equipment so it will operate more efficiently.

Renewable Technology Evaluation

PL Energy provides recommendations for our clients in the areas of solar power, cogeneration and fuel technology.

Technical Report Development

PL Energy can research and prepare technical reports to meet our client’s exact needs. We have assisted our clients with more than 40 work papers to verify energy savings statewide for specific efficiency measures.